Monday, May 11, 2020

How to increase traffic on your website | Top Free SEO Tips | SEO optimization tips

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Do not copy-paste from another website that will make more trouble to Then how will make unique content. Here is a trick. I am saying from my own experience only. I never paid a single rupee for SEO or web traffic yet.

Rewrite or Translate Article

Take content that you like to rewrite, translate and make some changes and make unique content.

You can use google translate to translate your native language to English or some other desired languages. Always read before posting and must check content meaning. You can also check grammar with free online tools also.

No worry about website traffic. Write good content that useful to readers and publish daily or regular intervals. You will get a result.

Comment on Youtube videos

This is a proven track in my little experience. I have website ''. Starting days I tried and tied a lot for traffic. I found a solution, commenting on Youtube videos. Daily I put ten or more comments in various videos.

example: 'Thank you for your good video, Your video is great

Remember when you comment on videos add your website name or page link it.

Post Your Links On Forum | Question Answer Websites

Next is Forum or Question Answer Websites. I am using Did you see thousands of questions people daily posting questions on this website? Start an account in Quora. Read questions carefully and write relevant answers, there is an option to insert your website link. On the internet many forums about various subjects. Join in forums and post your comments or answers with your post link. This will also help to increase traffic.

Web submission

Another way of getting website traffic. You can submit your web URL to some web submission sites, they will introduce your website to search engines. This will also help to drive more traffic. I am using

If you have a blog or website please put its link in my comment box I will visit and subscribe.

100 views guarantee | Free traffic by crawling

Submit our URL to crawling sites. I am using When you submit your website address on this website that crawls and gets more daily traffic to you. The link is given below.

Increase web traffic by crawling

My experience in blogging

Common people like me have no money to spend on paid SEO. So I searched a lot on Google. In the starting stage, I have no idea about SEO, even the meaning.

So I decided how to learn SEO my self. All SEO sites saying keyword research and use a keyword tool. But no one says how to use the keywords in our blog.

First time I feared the use of keywords. Whatever no I am using Google keyword tool to find unique low competition and high CPC keywords for my blog and improved CTC.

I reconstructed my existing pages with low competitive keywords and getting traffic to my site.

Low competition and high CPC keywords in our blog post will help to more traffic.

When you plan to write a topic, first you must visit Google keyword planner or other and find low competition high CPC keyword and write about it. Place the right keywords between lines or as headings/subheadings will give a better result.

I also faced this problem in my starting days. I searched a lot and disappointed.

At last I created my own strategy for my blog
  1. Regular posting of good contents, content is the king in blogging
  2. Keyword research at google keyword tool
  3. Maximum share the links in social media platforms
  4. Submit website to search engines
  5. Using google search console and bing webmaster tools you can submit each page urls .
  6. Please comment on You tube videos and add your website link
  7. Use Quora like websites to answer the questions and put your links. I am daily doing all this and getting more traffic

Crawl  Your Website/page URL to get more traffic

It is another best trick to increase traffic immediately. Below I posted some of them.

1. A free, flexible SEO website crawler to help identify technical SEO issues. Crawl up to 350 URLs for free!

Click here to crawl and get instant traffic

How to check your website's SEO performance

how to increase traffic to your website with google.