Monday, May 25, 2020

How we behave on a flight while traveling

"Are you a frequent plane traveler"

Ben MacFarlane, better known by the nickname "The Flying Doctor", has suggested that a few things should avoid in-flight journey. Moreover, he says "How should you behave on a plane".

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels
Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels

The doctor prescribes travel tips such as do not use chewing gum, and always keeping it in a black shoelace handbag. He has put forward these proposals for travelers in light of his long experience in airplanes and hotels.

Air Travel Tips

1. Avoid Chewing Gum

Do not chew chewing gum when traveling on air, the doctor warns. The doctor warns that chewing gum during the flight journey may harm the ears during takeoff or landing. There is also the risk that the chewing gum may swallow when the plane is landing.

2. Keep Black Shoelace in Handbag

Always keep it in a black shoelace handbag during the flight. This is because it can prevent theft that may occur during flight journeys. This means that you can use the black shoelaces to tie your backpack or handbag with two metal zip tags to prevent them from being stolen.

3. Avoid Foamy Drinks

It is unbearable to have gas trouble during the flight journey. This can make it more difficult for other passengers, especially when they are sitting very close to us. So avoid foamy drinks that cause gas trouble. Champagne should also be avoided.

4. Don't Ask for Tea After Meals

This doctor suggests that it is inappropriate to ask for tea or coffee for more than an hour after the flight meals. This is because it is time for the flight attendants to eat.

If you ask for tea or coffee at this time, Cabin Crew will deliver it, but the displeasure may on their faces because you prevented them from eating.

5. Silent the Phone

If you are staying at a hotel during the flight journey, especially, you need to switch off the phone or silence the ring tone. This is to prevent the sleeping of cabin crew and others.

If you are staying in a hotel before boarding the flight, you should make sure that the alarm is arranged in time for reaching the airport.

If not, the flight itself may not be available.

Why does the cabin light of Airplane turn off at the time of take-off and landing?

Takeoff and landing are the most likely to occur in airline accidents. If there is an emergency at this time, passengers will be directed to the emergency door. When all lights in the cabin are turned off, the emergency door can see very clearly. According to the studies, 13 percent of accidents during takeoffs occur in the first three minutes and 48 percent in the last eight minutes of landing.

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