Saturday, May 23, 2020

11 Ways to reduce heat at home | How to reduce heat in your home

In summer days many people facing this problem at home. If you can control the heat by natural ways, that will cut the cost of air conditioning or electricity bill.

But how?

What are the natural ways to reduce heat at home

  1. Open all windows in the day time.
  2. Paint white color on the terrace. Mix the paint with any fixer, other ways it will wipe out (That will helps to reflect the sun rays from the surface and reduce the heat.)
  3. Construct an aluminum/ tin sheeted roof on top
  4. Make a ceiling with Thermocol (Polystyrene) sheets (inside).
  5. Shading is the simplest, natural and effective way to reduce the heat. (Plant trees, shrubs properly around the house)
  6. Make walls with rocks
  7. Use light-colored curtains(helps to the reflection of sunlight).
  8. Close the window curtains facing west and south during day time. (fix sunscreens/shade cloths can be installed on windows)
  9. Bamboo blinds as sunscreens/ shades.
  10. Turn off unnecessary lights. Use energy-efficient LED bulbs
  11. Use the exhaust fan in the kitchen.

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